Episode 28

August 17, 2016

We're back! Professor Pat and Jeff make up for a few weeks without a new podcast with an epic recap of what's been going on the last little bit as well as what's coming up in the world of OAMA! From Mark "Boots" Holst to Taylor McClatchie to Justin Primrose to Cameron Florczak to Hannah Goldstein and so much more! Professor Pat even coins a new term for John Danaher's elite team of grapplers. What is it? You'll have to listen to find out!


Episode 27

July 13, 2016

Professor Pat and Jeff sit down with para-grappler Pete McGregor to talk about his personal story, his jiu jitsu journey and the present/future of adaptive grappling.


Episode 26

June 29, 2016

Professor Pat and Jeff go over events from earlier in June that we didn't have time to cover on the last episode. Nick Castiglia also joins us to help break down last Saturday's Wreck Amateur MMA card from an OAMA perspective and to discuss various other topics.


Episode 25

June 14, 2016
We break down the 2016 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships and Professor Pat gives a RIVETING account of his trip from LA to Pittsburgh for Fred Storehouse & Adam Hunter's MMA fights and back to LA for the Black Belt Finals. 

Episode 24

May 25, 2016
Professor Pat and Jeff discuss the insane amount of things going on the last 3 weeks and talk about what's coming up in the next couple weeks. Further to our previous discussion on the topic,
Professor's Pick briefly discusses Metamoris.


May 11, 2016

Professor Pat and Jeff are joined by BJJ black belt Edwin Najmi. 


Episode 23

April 29, 2016

Professor Pat and Jeff discuss recent events/results and take a look ahead at what's on the OAMA Calendar. Professor's Pick talks about UFC 200/Conor McGregor.


Episode 22

April 12, 2016
Professor Pat joins Jeff from Abu Dhabi to recap Wreck Amateur MMA and talk about recent/upcoming events on the OAMA calendar.

Episode 21

March 25, 2016
Professor Pat and Jeff recap the many goings on of the past couple weeks and talk about some of the upcoming events on the OAMA calendar. Professor's Pick discusses the recently announced Metamoris 7 and the controversy surrounding the promotion itself. There's even a special announcement that you don't want to miss!!

Episode 20

March 4, 2016

Professor Pat and Jeff recap OAMA results from the Canadian National Jiu Jitsu Championships in Montreal on February 21st, discuss upcoming fights for OAMA competitors, discuss the annual OAMA BJJ Weekend taking place this Saturday/Sunday and give their opinions on the main and co-main events for this Saturday's UFC 196.

Professor Pat interviews former Navy Seal and CEO/Founder of Dynamis Alliance Dom Raso.